Different player color disposition on models - comparaison between ereptor color and unit color

Hi EOTU community,

I think I have a problem with those color strips on models.
The color on ereptor workers and queen is really well done and beautiful, and whatever color the player is choosing, the render is amazing !

But when it comes to wood ants, black ants etc... To me, I really dislike the result. Those strips make me think of wasps and bees, and it's systematically pushing me out of the game. I really hate it. I'm playing the culling right now, and It's really not nice for me to play with those black and red ants.

Yellow and red colors are, for example, really not matching black ants.

The problem is not so much the color but really the stripes. I think you should consider the possibility for the player (as an option before to start game ?) to choose :
1-the player color
2-the disposition of the player color on the models (choice between stripes, as it is today, or full model). The color choice would recover the full model with the concerned color, as it does with the ereptor ants. OR, as it si for many ant species, to get the player color on one part of the body (abdomen, head, etc... Imagine black ants with red heads. Beautiful and very close to Crematogaster ants).

Playing with black ants with full yellow bodies for example would be amazing because it would look like natural, and for player imagination it's also a great choice, because those strange yellow ants with black ants abilitys could be one of those thousands of ant species that exist in our beautiful nature.

To sum up, the full body color cover would be looking much more natural than the stripes.

In addition, I made a thread monthes ago about the possibility to add a color scheme "natural" in freeplay (if you pick wood ants for example with natural color scheme, you will have the fish hunting wood ants models for example, who are really beautiful). It could be amazing to have this option as well in the color list.

Voilà !!
Thanks again for your wonderful game, I'm following news from you everyday, your job is beautiful.
Thanks !
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It indeed work on black ants for example, but you can still see shiny black stripes on the abdomen.
Moreover, when you select black for wood ants (still as example) you don't have the same model as fishing savage wood ants.
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Yes sorry I didn't meant they are not the same models, I wanted to say that the player wood ants and the savage wood ants don't have the same colors.

The savage melee fish wood ants are darker than the player melee ones, even if you choose black color in Freeplay. Especially the heads are way darker. Will try to post screenshot tonight
Ok let's be more precise.


First, you right about our Formica Fusca. I believed those stripes were a queen of this specie stuff, I didn't know that workers and soldiers had those too.

So, when you take Black color with Black ants, you get a natural scheme. Nothing to say, it's perfect.
But if you take another color, you get really strange stuff and unnatural.


The solution for Fusca is simple. You choose yellow, you get dark yellow on body and light yellow on stripes. So by this way you respect the natural fusca. Same with blue, pink etc... And you don't get those strange Black bodies with extra light yellow.


You said that if you choose Black player color for any specie you get natural scheme. It is true. But with Rufa, there is really a difference between savage ones and player ones.


As I said before, the darker ant on the two following pictures are the savage ones. The lighter is the player one. I took of course black as player color.
Isn't the savage one so beautiful ?
You can notice that the head is full black, at the contrary of the player one who have only half of his head black.



Rufa head is not affected by player color :
(left melee ant, right worker).

9.png 8.png

In real world, Rufa ants got those stripes, as fusca ones. To not get strange ants, you should be able to choose where the player color is going on the body (explained farther).


For the atta it's again different. Here I took a major and media with blue color.


If you take Black, as you stated, you indeed get natural scheme.

6.png 7.png


To finish, There is another "problem" in freeplay.

Black is natural scheme, ok. How do you do in freeplay to face natural schemes AI colonies?

I'm in love with black ants, I play oftenly black ants with of course black as player color.
But when you pick a color, this color become unavailable for the other players/AI.

So you will have to choose fancy colors for your enemies (or yourself). It should be possible to pick the same color for different colonies (solution about mini map farther).


To resume my idea, it's quite simple :
In options of freeplay and extralevels, it would be good (not good, amazing) if we can choose :

-Our mini map color (so if there are several colonies with same color schemes, the problem is solved here)
-Our color player (black would be natural for any specie, as it is today)
-And eventually, depending of the specie, where is located the color (head and/or abdomen, full body, or stripes as it is today).

Example :
Fusca = dark version of the picked color and lighter version on the stripes.
Rufa and Cephalotes = player need to choose where the color is going (both head and abdomen for example, full body, or "natural" scheme)

I'm sorry for my english, I'm french, it's really hard to be clear.
Hope you understand the idea.
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It is only colors, though, and the fact of choosing colors for a specific part such as the head does not make this a “simple suggestion” in my book. I'm also confused by you saying they look like “wasps and bees” which I don't see the resemblance even for the yellow color. I also notice more “realism or natural colors” — like black ants are complete black, but the game is mainly RTS and some people want to differentiate between teams with colors. As having three black ant natural ant colonies in different teams may confuse people.

Oh yeah, not to mention that I would rather have the devs focus on other things more important. Hey, I think we are more excited for the Matabelle ants than the fire ants! — Sorry if the first paragraph came off as rude, as I really was being self-assured on my opinion.

Let's maybe see if people really want this feature to be added or not, I don't mind the suggestion, but it's kinda complex in a way which makes me not look at it in the brightest way. We'll see what the other people in the EotU community thinks.
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Don't worry, you are not rude ^^ it's just a suggestion in suggestion thread.

Of course being able to choose the place of player color on the models is complicated (and probably useless) but I insist about this thing :

The picked color should/could apply on models as following :

-Dark version of the picked color on body
-Bright version of the picked color on stripes

Example : dark yellow on body, bright yellow on stripes.

This could change everything : you don't have those strange black bodies with bright yellow (or pink/blue/red whatever else) but a plausible ant specie that you could find in nature.
Moreover, It could really beautifully match with ereptors in case of Gene Thief colonies (the colors are wonderful on Ereptor workers and Queen, I really love the done work).

I'm just speaking about player colors on Fusca, Rufa and Cephalotes.


You right about natural scheme, that 3 black ant colonies with black bodies is confusing, especially in an RTS game. Maybe the solution is to allow the same color for only one specie at at time.

Example Freeplay setting : I'm playing Black ants with black color, I'm facing 1 colony of wood ants with black color = it's not the same specie, impossible to not differentiate and all models are in "natural scheme", but if I want to add another Wood Ant or black ant colony to this game, I have to set a new color for those guys.


I also insist that, to me, savage melee wood ants are more beautiful than the player ones.


To finish, I would like to say that in french we say "c'est une question de goûts et de couleurs" = "it's a matter of taste and colors" meaning that to me, those player colors, as they are today in the game, are kinda ugly and are pushing me out of the game (except for the Ereptors), but to others it can be ok, maybe even beautiful. This is only my feeling.

It doesn't change the fact that I LOVE this game, and I'm super excited about Fire ants, little black ants, big head and of course matabele and termites ! I played many games in my life and this one is one my favorite so far. I respect and admire what a small team as slugdisco one can accomplish. Bravo !

PS: I really loved the fire ant demo !! ^^

And of course, devs have others things to consider and I know this is not and cannot be any priority. It's just a suggestion about player colors in this game.
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