Early Access Starts 1st December


Visigoth Studios and Entertainment (Owner)
Do you need help programming? I see you're using HEX which is resource intensive I can help to optimize the game. I won't change anything but I can help clear static gameObjects and garbage and optimize everything.

let me know I am the owner of Visigoth Studios and Entertainment. I have artist and programmers on stand by.
^ Sounds promising. When you say optimize the game do you mean improve FPS? Apparently my graphics card isn't good enough to render the shadows in this game, it's only a 2GB. I plan to get a better computer in the future but it would be nice to see shadows in this game without dropping to 15 FPS


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Community Manager
Offers for help are usually genuine and we are very humbled by them. There are a good number of reasons that we can't accept them, though - and I hope people can understand that.

For the project itself - the greatest of these is that it takes a long time to get someone up to speed on the game's source code and layout. On the rare occasions we've hired someone to help out this has been the primary issue. It would, with some irony, slow the project down.