Empires of the Undergrowth Forum is LIVE!


Developer of EotU
If you are reading this you will have probably noticed we have a brand new forum! We look forward to discussing the game, ants and everything in-between with our community is this new space.

See you in the boards!
i.m still killing ants :) the games looks like its coming together great Mike thank all of you guys and don,t give up on us were here even if we don,t post a lot we have jobs to :) Anyways i truly love the idea of a slider to help out on different skill levels humans have lol.
i remember when i was a little kid i used to collect ants in a jar just to watch the cool tunnels they made ,Well can,t wait to play the finished product i,m SO glad you guys are not rushing a unfinished project it will be better for everyone ! peace to you guys and thanks again.