Enemy ants in Free Play


For now, the only enemy ants in free play are roaming trapjaw ants and fish-eating wood ants that spawn near the fish. I guess we don't have more ants because of performance issue, my computer is kinda bad but at lower graphic it can still handle like 350 creatures. I usually have about 100-150 ants due to upkeep, and they can handle enemy just fine. I think we can have like 1 or 2 trails of 50-75 ants (like formicarium challenge) roaming slowly from farther spawn point to a landmark, gathering food there and then to closer spawn point. They guard the precious stable food source, and don't give food themselves. Raise their Lv every 50% difficulty. We can be done with the lower food drop, just let stronger creature spawn farther from the nest, and harvest trails come closer (like critters are afraid of us and other ants want to invade). We can have Ubers ants trail too, give them ability of their Lv3 Ereptor counterpart without changing stats (like self-heal black ants, venomous wood ants and sharp leaf cutter majors). Also, I don't think I've seen slavemaker in free play, they can be wave enemy that's a bit harder to deal with. What do you guys think? I know the dev are working on nest bot and it's hard so this is just something simple to be added while we wait.
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