Enemy Encyclopedia

Pikmin and Pikmin 2 were large influences on my childhood so it's no suprise why I gravitated towards EotU. One cool feature that the Pikmin franchise added in the second installment of the series (and later in the switch re-release of Pikmin 3 and the 3ds spin off "Hey Pikmin!") was the "Piklopedia." A glorified monster manual in which the fictional critters of the Pikmin Universe have their Threat level, Physiology, Morphology, and Evolutionary History described in rather great detail. (As well as how best to cook them) I think that EotU would benefit from the introduction of some sort of Encyclopedia too.

One feature the Piklopedia had was the ability to throw "Pikpik Carrots" at creatures to learn more about their behavior and attack patterns. For example the Red Bulborb enemy lies in sleep during the day because it's a nocturnal predator. But when the player decides to disturb it by throwing Pikpik Carrots at it, the Red Bulborb awakens and begins to devour multiple pikpik carrots at once showcasing the Red Bulborb's ability to devour multiple Pikmin at a time. If it misses, it falls over leaving it vulnerable to an attack. The same thing could be done with an Encyclopedia but instead of Pikpik Carrots you send out actual ants to attack the enemies. (Though that might be a bit redundant considering that the Battle Arena already exists.)

When it comes down to it though. I just think having access to a Encylopedia would be cool. It would be pretty nice to learn about some interesting trivia about the Creatures of the Undergrowth as well as have a visible range of damage a creature can inflict as well as some indication of how much health a creature has.