errors installing game

the demo I downloaded is: EotU Win32 Underground Demo 0.064
Had an error while extracting. Win32EotUDemo0.064>EotU File folder>Content>Paks>EotU-WindowsNoEditor.pak
i cannot extract unless i use an extractor. The specific noeditor file was a corrupted archive. I tried to use a corrupted archive fixer and it didnt work. The moment I attempted to open it with an extractor the game loaded very little then went permanently unresponsive.

i have more details:

32-bit operating system

2.00 gb installed memory(ram) dont know if this is important, quick edit to take out unneeded characters

edit: well to answer your question i have an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80 ghz


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2gb memory is quite small for today's standards, which makes me think you might have some old hardware that is incompatible with the game. Is there anything else you can tell us about the system you're playing with?

Given the issues you seem to have with download speed, it sounds possible that your download was interrupted at some point and the resultant file was incomplete.


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I don't think the game's current version of the Unreal4 engine is even capable of running on a 32bit system (as far as I know Unreal4 canceled 32bit support half a year ago or so).


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I still produce 32 bit versions with each upload of the Beta, the beta should work in 32 bit!

Mac no longer support 32 bit and we are no longer supporting 32 bit for Mac or Linux (they only have 64 bit versions) however for windows the Early Access build should indeed support it. Though I would not recommend running it with 2gb ram.

We cannot do anything with the old demo unfortunately the game has moved on massively since then. We do intend on updating the demo some time after launch so maybe you can try then.


CPU is over 10 years old so it may be something to do with that. Chances are that even if you got it to run, it wouldn't be playable in terms of performance.