Everything We Know About Cold Blood

Map Layout
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  • A Solenopsis Invicta Fire Ant colony (the player), is in the middle of a vast swampy landscape. To complete the level, the player will have to contest many resources and locations with the two other colonies (Little Black Ants and Head Ants). To make matters worse, narrow mouthed toads will frequently dig into the nest at night. In challenge mode, Six Spotted Fishing Spiders will present themselves across the landscape, and will have to be dealt with.
  • Enemy colonies will have greatly improved AI's, using a new mechanic called AI scanning, which scans a square tile every frame near their nest, allowing them to locate nearby food and also enemy ants who come too close to the nest. When they do come close, the AI will send out an army to eliminate the threat. This new system allows them to act much more like players, contrasting against the real-world leafcutter AI in The Harvest.
  • Sweetbay Magnolias are located throughout the map, allowing caterpillar larvae to gather on the leaves of these plants. They will serve as an extra food source to ants. The map will have a series of milkweed plants, each giving house to relocatable aphids, which can be moved by ants allowed to (via a trigger similar to food and attack). On the map, these milkweeds are represented by X's, and will have to be contested over by the different colonies.
  • An array of different carnivorous plants will survive by digesting insect's internal nutrients. These include Dwarf Sundews, Yellow Pitcher Plant, and Venus Flytraps. Ants wandering on the path of these plants will get attracted by the sweet smell. Attempting to find food, she will get trapped and will slowly be eaten. It is important that you path around these plants, especially at the start of the game.


  • Eliminate the bullfrog threat!


  • It is unknown if the Red Velvet Ant will appear in the level (it probably will).
  • The Pine Woods Tree Frog will appear in the level.
  • The Six Spotted Fishing Spider will apepar in the level on challenge mode.
  • The American Bullfrog will appear at the top of the level.
  • Sweetbay Caterpillars will be on Sweetbay Magnolias.
  • Relocatable Aphids will be on Milkweeds.
  • Green Lynx Spiders will be on pitcher plants, occasionally coming down for lunch.
  • Wasp Mantidflies will also be on pitcher plants, doing the same.
  • Dwarf Salamanders will arrive on land from the rivers.
  • Eastern newts will do the same as above.
  • Narrow Mouthed Toads will dig into the nest at night and do the same as above.
  • Checkered Beetle Larvae will be in underground chambers.
  • Same with False Bombardier Beetles.
  • Bombardier Beetles will be nocturnal enemies, living in packs.
  • Six Spotted Tiger Beetles will live in packs.
  • Checkered Beetles will appear in the level.
  • False Bombardier Beetles will appear in the level.
  • Green Magnolia Jumpers will appear in the level.
  • The Great Blue Skimmer might appear in the level??? Or it was added in the trailer for extra effect.
  • Some creatures may not yet have been revealed.


  • Quickly excavate your nest, which is full of food, so you can make arenas for enemies
  • Focus on foraging more than defeating enemies, who will probably give less food
  • Steal aphids from the other nests at the start of the game, stunting their progress
  • Gather as many aphids as possible at the start of the game for a sizeable food supply
  • You may be able to kill lone enemies for a bit of extra food now and then
  • Pervasive may be helpful as it increases the positive trade between ants hatching and food
  • It will probably better to upgrade fire ants than to not upgrade them, because you'll have more anyway