Extra level suggestion: Stranded


Do i even have to say it now? I LOVE EXTRA LEVELS

In this extra level, you play as Pheidole Morisii Big headed ants, you have some Question mark caverns nearby so your workers can gather and expand the colony. Now when you dig up the entrance/exit you find yourself... on a beach??? Anyways you find yourself on a beach, there is tons of resources around for your colony gather, but hungry critters living on the beach are willing to eat vulnerable ants, luckily there is an aphid farm close to the nest so your ants don't have to venture to far, yet. But, there is infact, a colony of Formica Rufa wood ants in close proximity of your nest, and they do not like you, they've been here for a long time and are very strong, so you must prepare once they invade. Those are not the only problems though, sometimes the beach floods with water, completely surrounding your colony with water you ants will instantly drown from, luckily it is barely avoiding your colony entrances relieving you from the problem of the underground of your colony being flooded, it stays flooded for a minute or less, after that slowly going down to its original water level placement. Creatures sometimes invade your colony both at day and night (although happens more at night time). Apparently, you are aware that after a couple of nights, the water will flood high enough to fill the wood ant nest with water drowning all the members, including the wood ant queen, but the wood ants are also aware of that fact, and have found no other suitable spot to rehouse in other that your nest, so you must hold out on all their invasions until their demise comes.

Summary: Stupid Big headed ant queen decides to land in an unfamiliar spot that none of her relatives have ever seen and wonders why her colony is being blasted by new dangers her species would never encounter in their normal inhabiting spots. Ok fine here's a more serious summary: You are a big headed ant colony that has inhabited a new spot (the beach) and is faced with new types of dangers, a wood ant colony is also near and wants to kill you. It will flood at the enemy colony soon though so survive until that time comes.