Freeplay themes


I think it would be pretty good if freeplay maps had the choice of picking what theme you would like to play during the level (not special themes like hibernation and rising tide Christmas), It would add the the variety and make the player enjoy what theme they like or fits the theme of their freeplay level.


I've seen this suggestion written a few times on the Discord, for whatever reason, I just don't like the idea. It's all immersion breaking.

Most people in freeplay will now just pick their favorite tracks, and will disregard the others. Wouldn't it seem the unpopular tracks would slowly just become used less and less? It breaks the immersion. We don't hear rainforest sound effects in the beach maps, it'll be weird. What about, we say, you have the music disabled, so what's the point of having this option? It would take some time to put this feature in, and almost everyone has YouTube now, use that to play custom tracks.

I think my biggest issue with this is the immersion it will break. Although, anyway, right now; the game needs to be finished. This is something post-early access, and I think the developers should just slowly check off things from their roadmap, and listen to the community after the game is completed. I think that will be the best move.


Responding to MedinBurnic's opinion, this is the case in the campaign levels, but freeplay is freeplay after all. As long as you can add more customization without making things too complex, I'm for it. Developer priorities are a different matter though.


[/QUOTE] and almost everyone has YouTube now, use that to play custom tracks [/QUOTE]

It would be harder and less organized when playing it on YouTube, constantly switching out to play a theme whenever it is safe or action. Although your other statements I kind of agree with, but like waffle guy said, freeplay is more about the customizing variety, not the relativity of older soundtracks. (Reply thing broke bruh)