Front Line as black/wood ant

First Front Line is by far my favorite level, It would be pretty amazing to play Front Line as one of the other species, so that I could keep playing and not have a hard limit on resources. Alternatively if Front Line was altered to be like the free-play mode with re-spawning plants and ramping difficulty that would be great too.

ant armi

я би пробивал что-то новое. лично мне тоже интересно но билиби и минусы: черниэ муравьи уязвимы перед кочевниками (иза их способности) кстати мне нужно сказать что я хочу чтоб кочевым муравьям уменьшили урон.ето все чтоя могу тут сказать на етот вопрос.
I know this response is a bit late but I'll post it here anyway, I've personally been thinking about this recently as well. I am very interested in defeating army ant raids with other species. rather than playing the level front line with different ants, however, I suggest adding a new optional setting for freeplay called army ant raids and being able to add these raids to freeplay to make the experience more interesting and challenging. I also suggest a new victory mode that makes you win if you successfully push back army ants. you can either play this victory condition or play different victory conditions but turn on army ant raids to make the process challenging. there is also something else, I suggest that army ant raids can have a setting to make non-push backable to make it a hard-wired part of your freeplay. this will certainly be a great addition to freeplay.