Gamescom 2021 Fire Ant Demo Level Available Now! - 0.2313 Release


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We love events, but for obvious reasons we've so rarely been able to attend them recently. Enter the Gamescom 2021 Indie Arena Booth, an online event that is running from 25th-29th August! We have a booth in the virtual world, which you can visit with your 2D avatar. There's an NPC representation of the scientist there to answer some questions, and of course we'll be there ourselves too!

To celebrate this, from the moment of this post there is a limited-time demo level available. For the first time we're letting fire ants loose for a preview before their appearance in the upcoming 4th tier levels! In The Promised Land, you'll need to use the fire ant's bridge building skills to acquire resources from neighbouring islands, before building as long a bridge as you can to reach the aforementioned land that was promised on the right side of the map.

Simply place a pheromone marker on an island you wish to reach, and your fire ants will use their bodies to make a floating bridge for their sisters to use. Beware of falling water levels stranding them - ants that get cut off from the colony will panic and quickly die. Also, keep an eye on the bombardier beetle population - they'll attack your colony together with their near-boiling liquid spray.

The Promised Land will be available until August 29th, when Gamescom ends.

Full patch notes below:

  • Fire ant demo level The Promised Land available between 23rd and 29th of August (accessible through a pop-up in main menu) whilst Gamescom is running
  • Vulkan can now be used in Windows (add -vulkan to launch options)
Improvements / Changes
  • Improved walk cycles across game (creatures should now longer look like they are sliding when slowed)
  • Enemy underground tabs will now stretch to the full available size above the minimap rather than just taking a set size (this allows up to 6 colonies on a map, needed for future levels)
  • Creature’s slow resist will now also resist attack slows
  • Really slow creatures wiggle left and right less
  • Fixed an issue with creatures killed during pickup getting stuck in the creature’s jaws
  • Disabled colony section of the colony setup tab in freeplay setup (due to a bug that could cause it to be inconsistent with the basic setup tab)
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause ants to spin on the spot for a short amount of time
  • Reward tooltips will no longer display if the mouse is hovered over the invisible reward area on levels without rewards

The Promised Land

Your Solenopsis invicta fire ants are trying to reach a bountiful area of the jungle. Build floating bridges to nearby islands by placing a pheromone marker on it, when water allows. New objectives will appear as you complete the existing ones. Beware the bombardier beetles!
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2. can u use the six colony in freeplay
Currently, the four maps in the game do not allow 6 colonies. It looks like a map with need to be made with 6 nest entrances, or the existing maps edited to allow it.

Vulkan is mostly for 3D graphics, gaming, or whatnot blah blah. It gives high efficiency to graphic cards. Found this out by me reading for 10 seconds. Something relating to DirectX.
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