How Close is the Fire Ant Update?

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I know a lot of you will be sick of the "it's nearly ready, very soon!" line. This is why we've decided to not to write another newsletter until after the update is released, since there's not really much else we feel comfortable spoiling in the update and a large amount of any such newsletter right now would consist of several variants of that sentiment!

So I thought I'd give a little mini-update here in the forums.

Firstly, I've been given permission to tell everyone why, when we're so close, we still haven't confirmed a date.

Most of you know we're a very small team at Slug Disco, consisting of just 3 core developers.

One of those devs is about to become a father in the next few weeks, and we're absolutely over the moon for him! He will need to take a short break from work when that happens, and we're too small a team for the other devs to be able to pick up his work for him whilst he's away (he's the one who developed the music system and is the sole composer, for instance).

In short, once Liam's little one arrives, we'll be much clearer in our minds of where we stand, and will be able to confidently put a pin in the calendar.

So, where are we with the update other than the date? The answer is super close. Sound effects and music are left to go in, but almost everything else is at a polishing and balance stage.

- 4.1 Cold Blood and 4.2 A Bridge Too Far are completely playable, start-to-finish
- All creature and environmental artwork is done for those 2 documentary missions
- Formicarium Challenge 4 is completely playable and has been undergoing intense balance in recent days
- Some decorative formicarium assets need to be completed
- Music and sound effects are yet to go in

So as always, thank you for your infinite patience, we know it's difficult! We feel it as least as intensely as you do, but you can see we're on the home stretch now.

I've got an itchy finger hovering over the "upload" button for the trailer (which is completed), and I'll hit it as soon as the date we suspect the update will come is confirmed.

Stay tuned!

EDIT: Told a fib, here's one last spoiler - the dwarf sundew, our final carnivorous plant.
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