Interface suggestion

Hello, Slug Disco Team, I would like to give as a suggestion to implement, the power to select / move the menu interface with the keys (with the number keyboard and arrows) and not only with the mouse.

In this case it could be in the "free play" area, to be more precise in the interface where the game is going to be customized.
Using the numeric and alphabetic keyboard (also arrows) to be able to change / select each one of the options and thus see their content.

(I make the suggestion because I have had problems with the adaptation of the screen and in the "free play" area I cannot customize the game to my liking (I had previously reported the problem))

Without further ado, thank you very much and I hope I do not cause inconvenience.

PS: Greetings from Mexico, Hidalgo.
grtgrt.png Pd2: I put a reference image of how it could be seen with the change.