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All ants stay in a single nest for the entirety of their queen's life. You can tell this statement is wrong immediately. But what if nomadic ants were added to EotU? Think of the possibilities! Repeatedly abandoning everything you dug out and made, wasting food, and fighting against a supercolony with 500x more ants than you!

Colony Basics
“This [Insert Ant Species] colony has just settled in the low grounds next to a river. The environment is full of tasty insects and fish for the colony to feast on. Little does this colony know however, that this river is expanding every second.”

The ant colony is a newly founded colony. It starts off with eight pieces of food and three workers. It doesn’t do anything underground except dig out brood chambers. It has a three entrance nest.

A river runs through the middle of the environment. The environment is surrounded with a rainforest of many different rainforest species while the inside is a swamp surrounding the river in the center. The colony is located on a sandy trench north of the river. The trench is walled from the river by two levels of sand, however the ants can get over those to reach the food located by the river.

What Happens
First 10 Minutes :
The colony sets up (or is supposed to set up) its colony like normal, making brood chambers, gathering resources, etc. The only food is outside the nest, where a diverse gathering of insects and insect brood reside by the river. So the ants go there of course. They can’t access a level higher because it’s blocked by some dirt.

11 - 20 Minutes :
When it turns night, a rain comes in and washes away the special dirt that blocks a level higher. But, the river grows to the first level that blocks the colony from the river. “This rain has destroyed the wall blocking the colony from the outer world. However, the incoming water has been absorbed by the river, which is now expanding towards the colony nest. The colony must move now if it wants to live through the night.”

Located a level higher north of the nest is another site for a nest. The ants are supposed to gather about 300 food or so to setup a nest and move the queen into it. At dawn, the river will reach level two, but only for a minute or so. It pours all it’s excess water into the original nest of the ants. This is why they’ll die if they fail to relocate.

Exotic new animals and maybe a new type of landmark are located in this swampy region. There is food harvested below plants (which will be the new landmark if there is one) which ants use to, well, get food. However, a supercolony has settled with 5 colonies nearby. They will invade your nest for a while. The important thing is that they occupy a nest higher than you.

Skirmishes go on, and as you leech off the food you get very powerful. Even powerful enough to say, destroy a colony? Another rainstorm comes in and the river begins rising again. Your doomed if you don’t relocate fast. To your disadvantage, there is no other suitable nesting space nearby. The only option is to steal a nest from the supercolony. Being a unsupported nest,
it dies quickly.

Your supposed to take over the nest before the river expands to your nest. If you don’t, you die. Once you conquer the nest, the other four colonies get alerted, and say “Hey, maybe this colony really is a problem.”

21 - 30 Minutes :
Thankfully, your colony is already full of the food and nesting area you need to rebuild. The amount of food is what you spent before on brood tiles + 10%. The other colonies don’t attack you for a while, giving you time to rebuild. After 3 minutes, the other colonies start sending forces to occupy the area, essentially trying to starve you to death. If you get a hold of a food producing landmark, then the supercolony sends armies of ants to prevent the other food landmarks from being controlled by you. If they fail in the war, they leave until the last 10 minutes of the game (whjch in some cases mean they don’t leave at all.

Final 10 Minutes :
The supercolony sends a MAJOR army into their nest. They already are starved, so if you kill that army, you basically win. It consists of five forces, each more stronger than the other. They come every minute, so it lasts five minutes. After five minutes, more rain pours into the river. It’s now or never. Your forced to kill the last bit of the supercolony, or it’s the end for you. And so that’s what you do. If your survive when the river raises to its final point on the last minute of the 10 minutes, you win. Else you lose.