Limit Opponent Attack Markers in The Harvest

So, I find it quite annoying when this happens.

If you can't figure out what's going on, the opponent base basically just sent a force right next to my base. Literally just four majors to the left, and sat there for about two minutes. While this is less annoying in the easier modes because you can just use the right side of the map, it's really infuriating in harder difficulties because the literally every part of the map except the left side has bush crickets, which can kill a lot of your ants in five seconds. What I'm saying is there's basically just a chance that this happens and you no doubt lose the game by about 2000 leaves, simply because enemy leafcutters were lucky enough to follow you all the way back to your base. And this isn't just the wave they send out when they 'fall behind', it's one of their two gathering groups.

Prevent the opponent from sending down pheromone markers on my 1/4th of the map (bottom up). This will prevent annoying (and probably unintended) issues like this from happening, by making sure no leafcutters inhabit this specific portion of the map, allowing you at least this portion of space to harvest, and making sure you are never getting camped by the leafcutters, so you can go harvest elsewhere. There's probably an alternative solution that does the same thing but is still better rand all I want is to just not be camped by leafcutter majors so that'd be fine too. This could probably be part of the velvet worm addition.

Story (If It's Important)
I basically just walked through their trails to gather a few leaves above. This was on the left side of the map, they were harvesting the leftmost plateau and the plateau which I received my leaves from was right above their lines. As to not start a giant war (I ended up doing so anyway but that doesn't matter), I retreated into the nest. So then a group of about five mediae and ten workers decided it would be a good idea to chase my workers who were gathering leaves all the way to my low hill ground. This attracted the entire trail over to the left of my base. After expending about 600 fungus to get rid of the infestation of mediae and workers, I went to go gather again. Then they came back down with mediae, workers, and majors. So= they ended up murdering all of my workers coming back from my second gathering, and the result was the screenshot above. And very unsportsmanlike, they made sure to steal my own leaves when they retreated.