[Linux] side-panning doesn't quite work and no button to continue from success


Min bil är inte lik din bil, det är en likbil
Haven't played for very long yet and almost the first thing I noticed was a problem with sidepanning(moving the camera by positioning the mouse close to/touching the edge of the screen). wasd-keys work fine so far, but I like using my fingers for hotkeys in an rts, not panning the camera. The problem seems to stem from the fact that the mouse isn't captured by the game, in fullscreen or otherwise. If I'm really careful to position the mouse almost on the edge, it does work.
Also, if you want to keep the mouse not getting captured in the main menu, please make it so the game doesn't minimize when the mouse is moved outside the game.

I have lost twice and have had no problem getting out of the match but the first time I won(In the "subjugation" mission) I was not greeted with a "accept" button, so I had to close the game to do so. Of course, this meant my progress wasn't saved.

After playing the same mission again(on easy, instead of medium) the accept button appeared, and I was able to continue like normal.

EDIT: ;D HAHAHA oh dear, it seems I can't read. I just noticed the very obvious text saying "choose a reward" ;D Don't my second complaint then, I'm just an idiot.

Here is a picture of the lack of continue buttons.

Otherwise though, great game! Love it so far.


You have to choose which reward you want to claim for completing the mission. There are 3 which are extra territory, food or royal jelly. After you've chosen one of those there will appear an accept button which let's you go back to your formicarium.