Mega colony for freeplay

Simple idea: you get an Ereptor queen that has access to EVERY ant. As in even the ones currently inaccessible (Dorylus Nigricans, Platorhyreus Tarsatus) so you can play with these ants. Or, they could add designated Ereptors that each have one of these exclusive species (so one Ereptor with only workers and Platorhyreus Tarsatus, one ereptor with only Eciton Burchelli, and more for other types of ants without dedicated colonies, like the ones the Counterparts use). I’d personally like the second option more, though it is more work from the developers side, and given the game was updated TODAY, it seems unlikely to happen in a timely manner.

carp worker

Це прозвучить глупо але я ненавиджу ерепторів(ну просто хотілосяб пограти за форміка фуска в їхньому формікаріі тобто не рівні 1.1,1.2 а саме за них без використаня ерепторів і це не про вільну гру).


I can recall there was a suggestion posted recently on the Slug Disco Discord which had the idea of a full custom species editor. Where a player could select their queen, workers, soldiers, and even what their diet is. However, this suggestion is likely far from suitable in EotU due to complications in adapting playstyle and allowing different diets for all ants. It just wouldn't become feasible unless significant work, worthwhile, went into it.

I personally feel it would objectively be better to just include a custom Formica Ereptor editor in Custom Games as a simpler compromise, where a player can select ants from everywhere in the game after story completion. The current way players can achieve this is by file editing, but this is risky and often leads to broken saves. An editor would give a safer option with much more customizability for the Ereptors.