Offset Options on start screen


Whenever i run this game i get the start screen but the start and options graphics are blurred and cannot be selected.
Looking at other posts on here people having similairish problems all have Dells with integrated graphics and Nvidia cards.
ive attached a screenshot of what i see-- i get this view wether i chose to run the game on the integrated intel card or the nvidia

Dell Precision 5510
32gb of ram
intel HD Graphics 530
Nvidia Quadro M1000M
scaling is set to 100% btw



Exact same issue here, any updates? Scaling doesn't fix it.
My 10 year old spent his birthday money on this, having found this on YouTube himself, and is disappointed.
Some feedback from dev would be nice.


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Developer of EotU
Hi garethgtt & seb, This is a really annoying one that we seem to get on a lot of laptops. Usually scaling fixes the problem, though obviously in your case it hasn't.

So we can get to the bottom of this, it would be helpful to see the saved game settings that your copy of Empires is running with. We need your "GameUserSettings.ini" file. It should be in a directory similar to this:

note that "AppData" is a hidden folder by default in Windows.

Once you find the file, can you right click it and "open with" notepad (or similar), then paste the contents in a reply to this thread.

Let me know if you have trouble finding the file, or if it is not there at all.