Optional Beta 0.22101* - New Extra Level, Balance & Fixes


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This is hopefully the last release in this current beta before we move it to the main branch. Enjoy the new extra level, Excavators, that features spooky crickets lurking in the dark, grouping up to attack you! We’re fairly sure that’s the first time anyone has ever called crickets spooky, but y’know, ‘tis the season.

This will currently only affect you if you're participating in the optional beta. If you’re not participating in the beta and would like to, please see the details in this link. Note that the beta is only available to Windows Steam owners.
  • Extra level Excavators is now available to all… wait.. did that exclamation mark just move???
  • Fixed some minor underground tile graphical bugs
  • Hungry Spider will no longer draw marker paths on the minimap
  • Hungry Spider will now path on left click release rather than walk in a strait line to the location (if you hold down left mouse or right click it is still a straight line)
  • Added in creature and food info toggles to the Hungry Spider levels (Halloween and Christmas)
  • Tiles no longer highlight when hovered in the Hungry Spider levels
  • Right clicking minimap is now disabled in hungry spider levels
  • Creature scaling in freeplay now affects thorns and knock-back at 10% the rate of other stats
  • Warning about AI colonies disabling save added into freeplay
  • Thorns now includes a range check to the affected target so thorns cannot be applied from far away
  • Fixed an issue where dead creatures would not show their food values
  • Destructible barriers should save their state in Basin (when playing without AI colonies)
EDIT: 0.22101 adds Linux & Mac builds and the following fixes:
  • Reloading in freeplay now selects the correct loading screen for the map
  • Root aphid clusters now spawn closer to the central point of interest in freeplay to prevent them spawning over cliff edges
  • Fixed an issue where being at the south end of Excavators map would map the world bright
  • Autosaves are now deleted when a game is deleted fixing an error that could try to load the wrong save into a freeplay level
  • Killing an uber with a damage over time (DOT) effect will now count the kill towards victory objective Hunter
  • Uber mole cricket now has 3000 food up from 30
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