Questions about stats


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I'd love to see some explanation about some stats. Thanks in advance.

1. How are "Armor" and "Piercing" calculated in the damage formular? Is it similar to "P/V resistance"? (1 - P or V resistance) Or is it a solid damage cut?

2. How does taunt stat works? Is it activated on damage? Does it still follow the closest-target priority? I've seen some creatures chase after a taunted leafcutter major.

EDIT: Got answer fromJohn on discord.
1. Armor means reducing damage by a set number.
2. Some creatures have Threat generation per hit. Enemies will still follow those that are the closest to them. Threat will make enemies think that the particular unit is the closest and have chances to target it. Threat generation increases threat stats every time that unit hits its attack. Taunt ability will force an enemy to target that unit.
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