Selective breeding feature, and parent genes?


Ecosystem Beta Tester
I think it would be cool if there could be a feature that you could use to select 2 random creatures and force them to reproduce with each other, this would help diversify the amount of species by a lot without having to wait a long time and not having to spend as much points in the unit creator, along with this you could make it so that when the child is born it shows which genes the fish have received from its parents as a different color of each other? And as time goes by there is going to be more genes mixed in the children and there could be an option to view which parent it inherited it from. It could also be in a different type of graph which shows the most common traits that parents pass down to their childrens (stripes, body color, fin shapes, etc..) This would make it really cool to explore how much character changes over time in more depth and detail. By the way where do you access people made fish to use it for yourself in the game?
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