Slug disco the 4th formicarium challenge hybrids


Hi Slug disco what else are you going to do with the 4th formicarium hybrids because I doubt the 4th formicarium challenge is the only time we'll see them
like are you going to add them to some special extra levels and the battle arena because all that work you put into them and they only appear in the challenge so please


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Extra levels are a possibility maybe. Who knows?

We don't want to put them in the BattleArena - someone idly messing around with the BA might spoil themselves for that fun story point. I guess perhaps we could have them unlock there after completing FC4, but not just yet.


hybrids of formicarium challenge 4 are going to be in freeplay
I apologize, but you seem so desperate here. Nowhere did the developers confirm that hybrids coming to freeplay. You already made two threads on this. Just because titans are coming to freeplay does not mean these “hybrid specimens” are also coming. There are also many questions to be asked. Like what map would they even go in? Which hybrid will be in freeplay? How much health will they have? etc

I think at best, the developers may add them in the Battle Arena, but most likely not in freeplay.