Springtime Spider


Springtime Spider Extra Level
The hungry spider returns in an Easter-themed competition level where it has to clear a home for his new children - or let them be carved up and devoured by the surrounding predators. Our hungry spider must guide its many offspring through hordes of enemies, crowds of ants, and the thin path out of survival itself in this lush, swamp environment.

  1. Kill all enemies above and below ground.
  2. Keep at least twenty baby spiders alive.
  3. Stay alive!

Map Layout
Please find the map keys below:
  • Red Tile Surfer -> Enemy Groups
  • Blue Fill -> Water
  • Darker Fill -> Higher Tile
  • Orange Circle -> Player Nest Spawn
  • Pink Line -> Ramp
  • Cyan Square -> Enemy Group
  • Purple Fill -> Bush Flora
  • Dark Orange Circle -> Fire Ant Nest
  • Brown Circle -> Head Ant Nest
  • Black Circle -> Little Black Ant Nest
  • White Square -> Sweetbay Magnolia
  • Gray Square -> Milkweed
  • Red Square -> Sundew
  • Yellow Square -> Venus Flytrap

Wolf Spiders
Your player will be the same as with the other hungry spider levels. It grows bigger over time, it can level up, and it is very.. very.. hungry. While its attacks may not be needed much, it still leads the army of wolf spiderlings to secure a home for themselves. On the other hand, the wolf spiderlings act like normal wolf spiders. They only have bite as an attack, and can't do anything too special without upgrading your statistics tree. They will all start out as baby wolf spider, will always follow the player around, and will always attack any enemy who is too close. Unlike they player, they will not be affected by the negative regeneration. The player will be able to taunt enemies, to protect the children of course. The wolf spiderlings will devour when the player enables them to and if they are below 60% health. Spiderlings will also grow to the next level after dealing enough damage, 100.

Enemy Groups
There are a series of enemy groups spread throughout the map, who live on this land and defend it from any invaders. Knowing of the recent arrival of the wolf spiders, they will do anything to protect their home. Here is a list of them, from left to right in bottom to top:
  1. Four Checkered Beetle Larvae (33 Food Each)
  2. Three False Bombardier Beetle Larvae (19 Food Each)
  3. Four Bombardier Beetles (23 Food Each)
  4. Eight Woodworms (25 Food Each)
  5. Four Magnolia Green Jumpers (14 Food Each)
  6. Two Six Spotted Tiger Beetle (100 Food Each)
  7. Three False Bombardier Beetles, Four Checkered Beetles (33 Food Each)
  8. Two Red Velvet Ants, Three Green Lynx Spiders (51 Food Each)
  9. Four Six - Spotted Fishing Spiders, Seven Dwarf Salamanders (49 Food Each)
  10. Five Eastern Newts, Seven Pine-Wood Tree Frogs (81 Food Each)
  11. Six Narrow-Mouthed Toads, 12 Wasp Mantidflies (90 Food Each)
  12. Ten Checkered Beetles, Five Bombardier Beetles, Eleven False Bombardier Beetles (99 Food Each)
  13. Six Checkered Beetle Larvae, Eight Green Lynx Spiders, Nine Magnolia Green Jumpers, Ten Six Spotted Fishing Spiders, Five Red Velvet Ants (121 Food Each)

Enemy Colonies
There are three enemy colonies. Little Black Ants, Head Ants, and Fire Ants. By the end of the level, they will be quite numerous in number and will take some effort and strategy to kill. They each start off with something of an army and will keep growing off of the food around them. However, they will not exit their basin. If they do, sundews and venus flytraps are waiting for them. However, once they reach a certain milestone and all the other enemies to the player have been killed off, they will start attacking. They will be the final matches for the wolf spiders' attempt to secure their home. They will not engage with any enemy insects except the wolf spiders.

Attack Waves
Each group of enemy insects will be affected by attack waves. On the players screen, there will be a second bar at the top (different from the player's health bar) showing the time remaining until the next wave. Once the time is up, the next group in order will come straight to your army to kill you. Once this happens or if you kill them before this, the timer restarts. The timer lasts for three minutes. Eventually, once all of the groups of enemies have been defeated, all of the enemy colonies will start attacking your army.

Stat Tree System
Devouring any EXTRA food gives you score for your statistics tree/list. Once you have enough of this score, you can go upgrade/obtain a desired statistic. These affect your wolf spiderlings, allowing them to become even more valiant fighters. This system is where all the brood tiles would usually be. Here are all of the statistics listed below.
  • Health: Type - upgrade, costs 15 points, gives eighty more health.
  • Attack Speed: Type - upgrade, costs 10 points, gives .06 more attack speed.
  • Damage: Type - upgrade, costs 10 points, gives one more damage.
  • Physical Resistance: Type - upgrade, costs 20 points, gives 10% more physical resistance.
  • Venom Resistance: Type - upgrade, costs 20 points, gives 10% more venom resistance.
  • Devour: Type - upgrade, costs 5 points, gives +5% more health/statistic point for any devour.
  • Venom: Type - unlockable, costs 140 points, gives spiderlings at level two the ability to deal venom damage over time.
  • Execute: Type - unlockable, costs 650 points, gives spiderlings at level four the ability to pick up and execute ANY enemy for health replenishment ONLY.
  • Retreat: Type - unlockable, costs 390 points, gives spiderlings at level tree the ability to retreat when below 40% health, leaving an aura of attack slowing behind.