Stranded (Extra Level)

An extra level where, in a secluded island in the boundary between a river and land, this Pheidole Morrisii queen has burrowed into the sandy area and begins to lay eggs. But as the rain gradually drops, a new enemy is revealed. This colony must grow itself and take advantage of the local resources fast enough to have a chance at what will turn out to be the fight for this entire slice of land. Unfortunately, however, many of the resources are located northwest of the colony. It will have to challenge the surrounding predators and steal resources before the enemies can take advantage of the weak ants. So in short, the colony will have to defeat the fire ants while it's still able.

As you can probably see, the map layout is swarming with many different things. It should accurately describe what I intend for the level to be. It prevents your colony from some places while also allowing you to swipe some aphids out of the way. But most importantly, above everything else, it has cool camera maneuvers which really show how your colony figures out that it's in a very big pickle. Here's the map key:

  • Brown shows the lowest level of water possible in the map
  • The lighter the green, the higher that piece of land is
  • The ants with circles around them represent colonies
  • Purple and pink represent sweetbay magnolias
  • Purple and violet represent aphid milkweeds
  • Red protrusions represent critter spawnpoints
  • Cyan protrusions represent ramps connecting plateaus
  • Blue and sky blue represent fire ant bridges
  • Green and yellow represent venus flytrap plants
  • Green and lime represent sundew plants
  • Green and Turquoise represent pitcher plants
  • Purple boundaries are map boundaries at different times

Objectives and Camera Boundaries
When you first dig out of your nest, the map's water will be at the second level, so only your nest plateau is available to you. This will be changed shortly after you achieve some objectives.
  1. Collect 50 food. (Camera expands)
  2. Kill three critters. (Tide lowers)
  3. Kill ten fire ants. (Camera expands)
  4. Kill 20 critters. (Camera expands)
  5. Kill 30 fire ants. (Camera expands)
  6. Defeat the opposing fire ant colony in under six days!

Enemy Creatures
Enemy creatures will provide food for the colony. In fact, they will be one of the primary resources for the colony so it can gather enough food to defeat the fire ant colony. Fire ants will also contest over it later on, but I'll explain that in the next section. Note that the level starts at evening. Here is a list of all the enemies for each space of time, emerging at random times throughout the space of time, per spawn:
  • Day One - Three Woodworms
  • Night One - Four Woodworms, One Checkered Beetle Larvae
  • Day Two - Four Woodworms, Two False Bombardier Beetle Larvae, Three Checkered Beetle Larva
  • Night Two - Two Green Lynx Spiders, Three False Bombardier Beetle Larvae, One Checkered Beetle, Four Bombardier Beetles, One Cow Killer, Six Little Black Ants
  • Day Three - Three Green Lynx Spiders, Two False Bombardier Beetles, Two Magnolia Green Jumpers, Five Bombardier Beetles, One Cow Killer, Seven Little Black Ants, Two Checkered Beetles, One Six Spotted Fishing Spider
  • Night Three - One Green Lynx Spider, Two False Bombardier Beetles, One Magnolia Green Jumper, Three Bombardier Beetles, One Cow Killer, Five Little Black Ants, One Checkered Beetle, Two Dwarf Salamanders, One Wasp Mantidfly
  • Day Four - One Cow Killer, Eight Little Black Ants, Two Green Lynx Spiders, Two Dwarf Salamanders, One Eastern Newt
  • Night Four - Five Little Black Ants, One Green Lynx Spider, Three Dwarf Salamanders, One Eastern Newt, One Pine Woods Tree Frog, One Narrow Mouthed Toad
  • Day Five - Four Dwarf Salamanders, One Eastern Newt, Two Pine Woods Tree Frogs, Two Narrow Mouthed Toads
  • And the Rest of the Days - Repeat of Last Time.

Opponent Colony
The enemy colony will be quite hard to beat. Perhaps due to the fact that it starts out with 70 soldiers! But like all things, they have a weakness. They recieve food solely from Sweetbay Magnolias, Pitcher Plants (if they give nectar), and Milkweeds. So by stripping them of their aphids and preventing them from going to plateaus, you will eventually starve them. But just wait till they send a formidable force! Look at below for everything about them:
  1. At the beginning of the game, they should direct their forces over to the plateau directly above your nest. Then, when the tide recedes, their force will spread out to all over the place.
  2. They start out with 70 soldiers on all difficulties.
  3. Each day, the opponent colony will send a force of ants from a spawn point to kill you before you can kill them. You can view the equation that determines the number of ants here:, where d is the index of the difficulty.
  4. From the fourth day and so on, they will start sending their armies to kill enemies around your nest.