The main menu music


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I'll upload it to the soundcloud. The menu one isn't difficult to work with as its just a loop and not dynamic like the in-game tunes. I never put it up because we had a review once that said the menu music sounded like a screeching midi cat (actually been meaning to replace it).
Guess I am gonna listen to that day and night XD because it's actually good I set the song to loop and it's nice and chill and relaxing.

Edit:I believe that songs have feelings, and you need a heart to feel them, and this song represents ants as a violin.
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The main menu song sounds great. I'm impressed. To be honest, these tunes give me a little bit of nostalgia for the Lord of the Rings and the elves. For some reason, they're what popped into my head when I listened to it. I think you should buy plays so more people will listen to this great song. I wrote more about it in this thread If I created tracks like this, I would like more people to listen to them, and I'm even thinking about giving you these auditions haha. Or ask your friends to give you such a gift. I wouldn't mind such a gift if I were you.
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