The Other Foot With Workers Only

I was originally talking about this with another person who first started this, but I decided I was notifying him a tad bit too much. So instead, I'm talking about it here. Let's start with the basics, shall we?

Complete level "The Other Foot" using only workers on the highest difficulty possible. This has been done on hard before by two people (based on my now limited knowledge), but never on insane.

The challenges before T3 are a piece of cake. However, during T3, there are three really annoying waves of enemies that just ruin everything. The Rove Beetles, Whip Spiders, and Bush Crickets.

  1. Fight the rove beetles outside, and make sure to constantly be turning attack off and on, baiting out their attacks and helping to keep them spread out. Despite how much effort you put in, it is pretty dang hard to pull off and requires a tad bit of luck on insane mode. You basically can't let them stack up with the army ants, or you're dead.
  2. Army ants shouldn't be much of a problem unless you just happen to get really unlucky. If so, you do have some hope because weak praying mantises come next, but I've never gotten to that point (on insane), so I don't know for sure.
  3. Whip spiders are where flank tunnels come in. Thanks to Napoleon for this strategy, you basically have alternate tunnels with different pheromone groups running through them. When the whip spiders enter, you can use these different groups to drag half of the army away from your main force, for a short time of course. This allows you to kill a bit more of the whip spiders before the crickets come, helping a lot.
  4. Crickets are the major problem and where nest strategy comes into play the most. Screw quantity here, level three workers are much better in this situation. Your main objective will be to split the crickets up as they near your queen. You can first do this with the flank tunnels mentioned above, but as they come ever closer to your queen, nest design matters more and more. If you position your brood chambers correctly and have five individual tunnels leading to them, then the brood chambers will be able to take most of the army far away for a time. Then, you let a force of enemies activate your royal guard (which hopefully you didn't waste on the rove beetles), they kill off that main force, and you win. Currently planning a nest design.