Tile Upgrade Value Doesn't Update Until Other Tile is Built

If you pay attention to the details of the first tile in this video, you'll notice something weird. Whenever the second tile STARTS being built, the first tile's surrounding + values does update, but the first tile's total shown value does not update until the second tile is fully built. This is not gamebreaking, just kind of confusing.
I'm not exactly sure what you were trying to say here, but it sounds more like a suggestion, not a bug. The current upgrade system has been in the game since the original release, and I don't really have any issues with it at all. If more people want something like this, I could see it being added, but it's so small and not needed currently.
It's a visual issue. Pay attention to all the numbers on that top left tile, you see they don't update in sync when the right side tile is being built.
I see. It's more of a suggestion, not a bug. Correct me on this if I am wrong, but basically it seems the tile upgrade numbers should update if the tile is being built. — However, the tile number did update after it was fully built.

Please note, the current system has been the same practically since the launch of the game in 2017. Seems weird to be passing this off as a bug almost five years later. However, it could be “possibly” confusing
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