Tile Won't Return My Food After Canceled Upgrade

While playing Freeplay as the Matabele Anesthetist species on the Imprisoned map, I encountered a problem where food does not fully return after quickly canceling an upgrade of the Matabele Soldier Ant Brood Tile and only gives me around 20 food back or around 1/3 of the cost because by quickly canceling an upgrade of a worker tile I got around 7 food back. I'm guessing it's not a feature, as after testing it by waiting a few seconds before canceling an upgrade of a tile, I gained the full amount of food that the tile upgrade was worth. I've tested this with other Matabele brood tiles and reloaded the save/game, but the problem still persists. I also tested this with the Gene Thief species, but I failed to recreate the problem, so I'm guessing it's only with the Matabele Anesthetist species. After creating a new game as the Matabele species on different settings and on a different map, the bug was still there. Feel free to let me know if you need more testing.


  • Food bug.zip
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