Uncompleted Challenges

Here's a list of uncompleted challenges that I plan on doing once I return in about 15 days. I could've put this in a profile post, but I think the message too large for that.
  • Queen of the Hill on insane and challenge without melee without upgrading anything and using rapid fire spitters. This is very possible, it just requires ~600 food per day.
  • The Harvest on insane plus challenge with workers only. I know I struggled a lot before when I did it without challenge mode, but I have improved my strategy and am sure I can pull it off with some luck. Just another 200 tries, of course.
  • Subjugation completed on just the first wave. You have to be very speedy here, and I usually end up maxxing out my chambers just after the first wave starts, but I'm sure it's possible with a pinch of luck.
  • Hibernation on insane with workers only ending with 1750 vegetation, or however many more I can get. When I uploaded my video doing this challenge normally, I wasn't very skilled. I'm sure I can manage to sneak in 200 more vegetation now.
  • The Harvest on insane with challenge mode completed in under 20 minutes. I've had this in the back of my head for a while now, and I've proved it could be done (on my previous attempt I made an army in time but didn't know it was possible to draw out enemy majors) if you use a very specific strategy I created and if you get lucky.
  • Cold Blood completed on insane and challenge mode. I was hoping to do it first try but I can't prove that if it happened because I can't complete the level as soon as it is released due to my status. But when I become active again, I will do it and post a video, even if it is quite easy.
  • A Bridge Too Far completed on insane and challenge mode. Basically just the same as above, but with 4.2. Not much is known about this level though, so I may get caught off guard in some situations.
  • Hungry spider in less than 25 minutes. Before I managed to prove sub 30:00 to be possible with my completion of 26:25, but I believe I can easily do it in 25 minutes, and maybe even 22. It's all just a matter of practice and grouping enemies.
  • Festive Spider without any towers at all. For runs like this, I use the venom pool and crippling combo, because that's easily the most overpowered. The first two ubers will be a pain to kill, but the rest will be easy. The problem in this challenge is the 15 wolf spiders that arrive after the uber tiger beetle, though there may be a way to kill them in time.
  • Edit: Front Line on medium on the first day. This was suggested to me not too long ago and it's not the first time it has been done, and I think it can be pulled off by sacrificing some mediae for more majors.
Feel free to suggest a couple of other challenges for me to do, maybe I will get around to trying them.
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other foot with only using one type of ant (workers because you need them and then you can pick the ant type)
I have already completed The Other Foot on hard with workers only, but I can't do insane with workers only due to my unfortunate laziness. It's probably possible if I use army ant mediae also, but workers only is more challenging.
You could try formicarium challenge three, on insane with only your queen and workers.
Already tried that before, I have done it with cheats (a 1000000 speed upgrade for workers), but I'm not sure it's possible with an uncheated formicarium, because as soon as the enemy royal decree is activated, they simply kill the rest of your army too fast.