Underground Redesign of 3.1 "The Harvest"


MedinBurnic, in ICS, has presented me with a shot that looks to be a spoiler of an old underground design of 3.1. After further inspection however (specifically realising that the image contains new UI), I decided to notify everyone on the forums because why not. This is the image in question.
So, we can see a few things here. Firstly, the underground of 3.1 is getting a complete redesign. Secondly, the starting group of ants will now number as 19 instead of the usual seven. And finally, there's new UI which I did not know about. Thoughts?


I suspect there was a possible video filter on this, but we need confirmation on this. I don't remember seeing any announcements about this new underground look. Originally, before the leaf cutter update, development footage showed the queen would've had 19 worker tiles instead of 7, but this was removed for balance reasons. Some might say this might be old footage, but we see some new UI buttons.

However, even if this was some filter over the video, it doesn't explain why we see 19 ants instead of 7, and this is new development footage.
If anyone is wondering, anyone can find this video on the EotU Steam store page.
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I think this is just how they want to make 3.1 easier for new players. 19 minims will make starting way faster.
I agree. It would have originally taking a couple minutes to get 19 total workers, but we can now do it much faster. This will surely make the level a lot less dependent on the early game.

before digging into velvet worms, if they are underground creatures.
I did not think about this, although I don't think velvet worms would be underground creatures, I do think that they'd be released in the same update as this new underground, which will be in the Great Interim Update.

If we're lucky, 3.2 can be redesigned in the same update, and even 2.x can around or in the food rebalance update. According to the roadmap, the Great Interim Update also mentions balance changes, this could be the 2.x food rebalance.


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Sorry for causing all the speculation here. I was just doing some work on the Steam page and noticed we had no underground nest shots so I wanted to make a nice gif and screenshot. I just opened 3-1 and used editor tools to hack out a big nest full of stuff, spawned a load of ants and added some extra lights so everything was clearer. It doesn't represent any actual updates to 3-1!

It did prompt me to do some work changing the ug lighting distribution though as the way it works at the moment can make it really dark in some places if you dig out too many lights. It won't be quite as bright as the ones on the Steam page though.