[UPDATE [0.2312] Fire Ant Gamescom Demo Discussion - Bug Reports, Suggestions, Strategies; Et cetera

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This will be a discussion about the Fire Ant demo, here is how to get in the beta if you haven't already done so. [Steam users only] This also shows how to get in the beta. This was only supposed to be on Discord, but hey, we all want fire ants in EotU.

Info taken from here: https://discord.com/channels/765563728333766656/803215288496554034

Here are the steps — are on Discord aswell.

1. Find Empires of the Undergrowth in your Steam library, right-click on it and choose "Properties"
2. Choose the "Betas" tab
3. In the box titled "Enter beta access code to unlock private betas", enter thefirstflame - Code!
4. After the "Access code correct" information appears, make sure you've chosen "Open beta" from the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop-down menu
5. Press close - the game will now update to the beta branch

Here are the main features of this demo.

The Promised Land - Your Solenopsis invicta fire ants are trying to reach a bountiful area of the jungle. Build floating bridges to nearby islands by placing a pheromone marker on it, when water allows. New objectives will appear as you complete the existing ones. Beware the bombardier beetles!

Beetles Rise Up! - Free your beetle brethren and destroy their captors. Game knowledge will help you understand which beetles to free from their captors. Destroy all enemies and free all beetles to achieve victory! Your beetles will all follow a single marker.

Current version: 0.2312

Patch Notes:
0.2312 The Promised Land balance changes
- Length of the high water time is longer the longer you play, and longer for easier modes
- Bombardier beetle spawns are lower and increases more slowly on easier modes
- Bridge to the promised land shortened by 2 tiles for all modes
- Easier modes start with more overground small creatures spawning near the nest
- The UG has had cavern spawns balanced for all difficulty modes Fixes

- Freeplay new game will now open on the correct tab

I hope I don't replace Mike's job!:p

Please DO NOT UPLOAD or share any media about this until August 23rd.

Thank you Slug Disco team for this beta!
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The intention was for this beta to be a Discord exclusive, but I'll leave this up and close it when it's done with. It's likely to be only open for a few days until we get the data we need.
I was honestly contemplating if I should post this, but I'll still keep it here until this demo is over. Thanks for the heads-up.


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For insane, after you get the two free food chambers and some soldiers running, wait for the water to drain and then dig out to start alternating between overground and underground food. The hardest chambers to clear are the two with four adult rove beetles, so you want to be working towards a large enough population to both take them on and cross to the outer islands for loads of food. With fire ants, it seems like reserve food is incredibly important, so try to keep it high.

When using a fodder group to bait out bombadier AoE, you need to grow this group fairly large later on to trigger enough of them and allow you to keep more of them in combat for longer. Once it's large enough, it's also a good idea to send it across on its own to islands that are crowded but which you don't plan on clearing or crossing. Since their CD is 2 whole minutes, you can easily send the fodder group over in reaction to the minute timer on the water to prepare before they assault your nest. The better prepared you are, the less food it will cost to fight them in the end.
idk if this is where i put this but i found that sometimes, seemingly at random, the beetles will fight one another. this includes the bombardier beetles and the devils coach horse beetle larvae and adults. idk if this is intended or is a glitch.
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