updates on GOG


I can see you are updating this game on steam but not on GOG. Last one was May 2019 i think.
Im really looking forward to the next updates and im checking every few weeks if there is anything new.
Would be awesome if you could say when the next updates on Gog will come or if there won't be anything more. That would be sad, but then I could at least buy the Steam Version directly.
Greetings, Ant


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It was May 2019 for Steam too. The current updates are optional beta tests (you have to enter a code to partake in it, it isn't a universal update) - we only run these on Steam for Windows. The logistics of putting these on other platforms are out of the question. It's a beta test because we don't consider it stable / glitch-free enough for everyone - you have to deliberately partake with the acknowledgement that there will be issues. Once the build is ready and stable, it will be released to Steam, GOG, and itch.io.
I'm sorry to hear that, I would have been happy to play your beta too. I love the game, it has been one of the best ideas in the whole game world for a long time.
I want to apologize for not understanding that and taking your time for it.
I wish you success and all the best for the further development and I am looking forward to the next updates!