What were we up to in January?


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Developer of EotU
As another month ends here is a breakdown of some of the things we have worked on in January. This is just a summary to give a taste for what has been going on taken from the source control commits we have made.

  • Pickup and harvest locations of food made more central
  • Changed the way ramps work when the tide rises (ants no longer fall through)
  • Packaged bug fix versions 0.1352, 0.1353 and 0.1354 fixing various bugs
  • Fixed issues with the surface tunnels
  • Fixed issues with photomode and ending animations
  • Tweaked abilities for ecuador creatures
  • Tweaked uber resistances
  • Added in stats for formicarium challenge 3 creatures
  • Setup of formicarium challenge 3 first pass
  • Fixed an issue with jumping spiders
  • Setup the UI for leafcutters (level select and tech tree)
  • Set tabbed minimaps to always have home nest on the left and tied to colours rather than numbers
  • Added 5 extra colony colours to the game (Black, Grey, Brown, Pink and Purple) and tweaked yellow to be more yellow
  • Various things setup for 3.1 and 3.2

  • Changed rules for dropping food when all food stores are reserved
  • Tweaked fungus capacity
  • Ants that enter an enemy colony are now tracked
  • First balance pass and difficulty levels added for 3.1
  • Fixed multiple issues and tidied code in 3.2
  • First balance pass and difficulty levels added for 3.2
  • Rework of how the swarm patrols work
  • Added new methods in to centralise creature spawning based on level design
  • Added in narration for 3.2
  • Subtitles for all levels added
  • Changes to have movement works around edges on the surface

  • Lots of environmental asset work - new plant and textures, and tweaked the current ones
  • Red rusty plant is now claimable are are all visually chewed up and leaf chunks for all plants have been added
  • Leafhopper now land on more plants
  • Tweaked the dissolve in various ways
  • Improved the surface painting plugin
  • 3.1 visually setup
  • Added in subtitle UI elements
  • Added in tabbed Minimaps
  • Special UI elements added for leafcutter resource management
  • Visual elements for carrying dead fungus and fungus gardens added and fixed
  • Tuned creature walk speeds to the animations
  • Preparing in game text for translation