Will be there any "tutorialisation"?


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In the thread with collapsing large chambers you mentioned that smaller chambers will give some bonuses. I find that a bit unintuitive to discover by myself if I were just playing (not sure if the sentence is grammaticaly correct).

Will be there any in-game tutorial for that (and other things)?


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We have been discussing that today. Today we pinned down plans for dialogue in a lot of missions and how we wanted to teach the players came up.

The game will contain its own Wiki (Wiki of the Undergrowth) that you can access from any point in the game. When new mechanics or creatures are introduced you are prompted to view sections of the wiki that will contain information, videos and stats for many things.


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On the subject of chambers, there won't be any specific bonus added for small ones, but there might be reasons you would want to build a small chamber.

- Big chambers will have more upgrade potential as tiles of the same type need to be touching for them to be upgradable (it's a bit more involved than this, but bigger=more upgrades is the general idea).
- If chambers are too big, there might be a chance that the central tiles will collapse (which would be an expensive loss)
- Small chambers allow you to have more customization in your groups. You can only move rooms of ants between groups (you can't split them up). If you make one huge room of ants, you will only be able to do one thing with them at a time. This could become troublesome if you need to defend from small attacks on multiple fronts.