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I think the bombardier beetles are the true fire creatures in tier 4, they create a liquid that is literally boiling hot (at a whopping 212 degrees fahrenheit/100 degrees celcius) and can burn through human skin, meanwhile fire ants just make you feel like you're being burnt, kinda a big difference you may be able to see now?
fire ant vs little black ant vs big headed ants vs argentine ant vs pharaoh ant vs pavement ant vs yellow meadow ant vs cremotogaster pilosa.
I have been posting a lot of threads in the few days, so i will take a break from creating threads, not that I'm tired of anything but I'm worried that i am going to clog up the thread, unless i really can't help myself. Just saying this because i can.
Due to the fact that argentine ants do infact live in north carolina, I hereby declare argentine ants are to be added to fire ant update.
ideas:fire ant super major or major,pheidole tepicana: big headed ant,cerebara diversa: asian maraduer ant: cerebara diversa,tropical fire ants,whip spider campaign,dig trough the enemy s nest.
Please put it into the empires of the undergrowth.If you put it in I will be happy