A hello and a ?? !!

I am repeating my post from the main topic, as I saw the "warning" about the Hello thread not being read for a bit.... SO!!!

Greetz from the Northern Rockies........ Have been looking at this game for quite awhile now, and FINALLY just grabbed it... And just form about 10 minutes or so of play, it sure seems like a decent decision! 8)

One thing..... IS there a tutorial, or one coming, or .... or... ??? Just curious! And thanks ! Am looking forward to getting into this one!
You can see formicarium missions as a tutorial because there is a lot of comments from the scientists that can help you underrstanding the game and during the mission, on the left flank there are councils marked by ponctuations


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I wouldn't worry too much about not getting readers. The official forums have generally less activity than anywhere else, but still have a consistent circle of regular users.


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Welcome! As far as a tutorial goes, it's there in the form of the tips and hints that pop up - don't ignore them and you'll pick up the mechanics no problem.