Ant Colonies

So, I had a thought in my mind. I know the game is based on multiple species colonies, but, if possible, maybe you can make like single species colonies. For instance, fire ants have soldiers and minors, so maybe you could do something like that? Or like the species that don't have majors, maybe make them like an all-around good ant. I like the idea of multiple species, and still keep that, but maybe as an addition perhaps later on? What do you think?


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Community Manager
The final game will have multiple missions where you don't play as your main gene thief ant colony, but for instance you'll have an unrelated side mission where you play as a wood ant colony or suchlike. So there'll be plenty of opportunity to play levels as only one species.


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We are still exploring the possibilities that will be available in skirmish, we have yet to decide. We are aware people want this feature however but we need to explore how to make the levels engaging with only limited creature types.


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You could do a tab of special challenges mode, like the 'Command & Conquer Generals' challenges.

Some of them could be very strategic and challenging like "The honey wars" where you play a honey pot ant colony on a large desert map. You'd have to estimate the strength of your opponents and raid/take over the small enemy colonies first to gain the resources you need to defeat the stronger ones.

And some of them could just be hilarious fun like "Dorylus destruction derby" where you get a huge driver ant colony sitting in the center of the map, swarming out for prey, butchering everything in it's way. How fast can you kill and eat everything off the map? Can you get the 15 minutes achievement?