[Bug] Using hotkey for selecting nursery tiles requires double keypress


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When selecting nursery tiles using hotkeys the first keypress selects that nursery from the build menu, but does not place it when left clicking and can not be deselected by right clicking. On the second keypress it does allow placement and deselection but is indicated as unselected in the build menu.
How to replicate:
1. Start any mission
2. Use T key to select a worker nursery
3. Try placing it with the LMB
4. Press T key a second time
5. Try placing the nursery again, this time it will try placing it 20190902114928_1.jpg
Unfortunately it did not copy the cursor into the screenshot, but you can see the light coming from it at the 1 marker. Also note there is no tile outlining. Even when after the 2nd keypress the tile outlining is not displayed. 20190902115145_1.jpg
Placement without the use of hotkeys.
I’ve been having this issue for a long time. I forgot to report it in a (long) recent post.

Thanks for reporting it here!

Hey Devs: This one looks like low-hanging fruit! (I’m calling a “bug” a “fruit”, which is weird…!!!???)