Feedback on 1.1 Insanity No Challenge On


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Alright, so I have just finished the first level on Insanity difficulty. First, I'm gonna commend you on the difficulty increase from Medium to Hard to Insanity. Yesterday, I started with taking on this level on hard to get back into the game, and then dropped back and forth in-between hard and medium with the challenge mode enabled, as the burrowers lobsided me near the end of the level a couple times. Now, after having to reset and rebuild my nest structure about 5 times, I've taken down the level on its second hardest (or third, depending on how hard Hard Mode With Challenge On is) difficulty, and I think you've struck a wonderful balance in the amount of food, amount of enemies and placement of strategically vital resources on the map, and in return, it works wonders as an introductory level for the game. 1550940635870.png


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This level with challenge mode on insane might be easier, the mole crickets can pretty much be farmed towards the end. I thought this level was hard, though, try 1.2. For me, 1.2 was the level I farmed for resources on hard difficulty, and I always thought it was much easier than the rest of the levels. Having beaten all of the levels on insane, I can tell you that 1.2 (with challenge mode) took the most tries (about 20 tries) on insane. Since then, I have had a lot more respect for 1.2 as a very challenging level.


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1.2 was the last level I beat on insane challenge, mostly because I suck at Fusca, and it really pushes you to be at top pace.

Something you may not have known about the 1.X challenges, Hauk, but the mole cricket waves alternate between a group of incrementing size and a single spawn (...5,1,6,1,7,1,8,1...), so you can coordinate when you open a new chamber to be just after you defeat one of the incrementing waves. That way, if you're slow, which you very well may be in insane, you'll only have one cricket to deal with, vs a multitude which can easily wipe you if you're fighting DCT adults.