Food Collecting Bug

I see other food gather bugs posted but none of them sound quite like mine?

My ants will stop collecting food from enemies that cannot be depleted in a single bite. They can and will still pickup juvenile devil's coach horse/woodworms/aphid dew (and the like) because they can be taken in a single bite, but seem unable to gather from tiger beetles/adult coach horses/spiders etc.

When I hold the mouse over the dead prey, it will indicate the number of ants trying to eat it is fluctuating, but the food amount will never decrease until the dead bug disappears. This is in freeplay on the beach. I can reload to the last save and it will work for a short bit, but invariably, the ants will stop eating and my colony dies.

Love the game! Keep up all you're doing!


Ants are perfect!
This has happened something similar with me, but I think it will be because of the new mechanics of food collection. I think it will be because of already having food to be taken to the nest, since now when the ants take food to fill the food tiles they stop the other to collect food when there is space reserved. The bug that must be happening is that while the ants collect food from the dead bodies (while making the animation of attacking on a dead body) should not count for the space reserved.
I think it's because of this. I hope it helps.