Future Ant Tier Ideas

I am really enjoying the game currently with all its different styles of gameplay. With the addition of leaf cutter ants, I am very pleased and enjoyed playing their new style of gameplay.

This made me think, what other styles would be fun to play? Something that occurred to me was playing as the army ants. This was a totally new idea as the species is nomadic, moving from location to location.

But then, it was already in the game, and though it does provide a new way of playing, not all ants are implemented such as the slave maker ants. I kept thinking of other ants that would be fun to play.

Megaponera Analis came to mind. This was a species of ant that raids termites for food. This could be fun to implement into the game but this might be better for something after the leaf cutter formicarium challenge. Speaking of, in the formicarium I don’t think that these ants would have much to offer but I still think it would be worth it. Maybe just add a “Tactics” board that would show various strategies and formations and these ants would just add another tactic to that list.

Having a queenless ant colony might also be interesting but it does not actually provide much variation of style.

Fire ants (Solenopsis Geminata) could be interesting as well considering the beginning stages of the colonies life with colonies merging together. They could provide a “Tactic” as I mentioned earlier that would be to build structures with their bodies.

Weaver ants would be fun to play. Building a nest in the trees could mean harvesting materials to build a nest instead of destroying soil to build a nest. There could be two levels, instead of a ground level, and a surface level, there could be a surface level, and an upper level, among the branches. Either this or the fire ants could be with the leaf cutters in the current formicarium while the termite raiding ants could be in the next one.

Please consider my suggestions. Note: I am not sure how far you intend to take this game, and how many tiers and levels you intend to implement. I personally hope you keep on going until there is a plentiful amount of variety to play as. This is pretty much the only accurate simulation game that simulates wildlife. It’s a very fun strategy game that makes thinking of new tactics to employ very fun. Please continue the good work!