Hello, first time in this forum and I hate ants

Hello, I love RTS game and found out about this and this is one of the best so far. Can't wait to play the full version.

I'm a farmer from Indonesia. My first time on this forum. I've read some topics in this forum, but I see that many people who play this game are ant lovers. On the contrary, I hate them lol. I'm a farmer myself and they protect aphids from my plants. Some of my tomatoes and pepper die from aphids infestation. I have to spray the pant at least once a week. The ladybug and other predator refuse to come because they protect the aphids. And ants also stole my young BSF larvae and eggs that I use for composting.

But many farmers breed a species of ants here, I guess they called weaver ant in English. They're arboreal and make their home in the Mango tree (or other tree with a big and thick type of leaves). We sold the larvae for bird feed and lure for fishing. Their colony also sold for repelling pest in the orchardist. In captivity, we give them manmade bamboo or plastic bottle for their home.