Patch Feedback

Its great! I never noticed anything until I started playing the regular levels. The new mechanic of ants leaving food by the entrances is very cool. I also noticed a significant difference in the beach tiger beetle larva, and found they were harder to kill. I can even see, to a degree, the more centered food in the ants' mandibles. This patch is pretty great and I thought the little additions to the game were very cool.

I have also enjoyed making the "queen's chamber" in my nests


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It was a couple of weeks ago now; the main purpose of it was to remove a nasty bug that meant if you clicked the mouse at the wrong moment when the level was ending, you'd lose even if you met the victory conditions. Whilst we were at it we added a few extra things we'd done in the meantime.

It's looking very likely now that it's the last patch before leafcutters (every time we do a build the guys lose a couple of days minimum to get it done that should have been spent working on leafcutters, and thankfully nothing else game-breaking has come up since the last update).