price is to high?

you see the price of this game is high realy high enough to not many people come to buy this game now I now that you need money for development but can you take this into considiration that when leafcutter update will come more people will whant to buy this game but they will realise that price is high and they dont real want to buy tis gameso maybe you can do steam sales maybe?


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We did some very careful consideration with our price and we think we got it right considering that we've been doing well on Steam.

If you consider the price to be too high, then that's fine - sales are likely to come after the game goes into full release.


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The game is just 20 bucks which is already pretty cheap compared to the average price you pay for games these days.


Over $2000 dollars in Battlefront 2 get all the characters threw loot boxes and the base price of $60. So I gotta say this games pretty cheap.


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I wouldn't say the game is cheap, nor that it is complete and worth its value yet, but the devs need the money to continue developing more content at a high quality. Once it is fully released, $20 will be a good price.
I feel like that $20 I payed was worth it to help the development of the game. We most likely wouldn’t have a forum if the devs didn’t get any money.