Queen of the Hill game mode

So the idea is that there would be a map mode called Queen of the Hill - your colony always spawns in the centre.
Map design unknown.
After a one day grace period of time ants will run at your base during the day only to try and take your position as Queen of the Hill and harass you during the day.
The idea is try survive this and stock up/survive through the nights bugs as well.
If you survive for a while consider additional ants from other directions attack your base - kind of like the initial formicarium challenges where ants come from 3 directions.
After even more time the ants could potentially change to stronger ants / increase the level of the ants attacking.

Your queen wears a crown for cosmetic purposes.
The crown is very shiny and adorned with jewels.

Might not be compatible with a Towhead style map so as to not impede the flow of attack waves.
Am thinking jungle style map would be best.
For additional cosmetic purposes - maybe it's a small hill/looks like a bit of sand that has clumped over a plastic kids play crown in the dirt so the colony actually exists on a crown.
A shiny crown adorned with jewels.

Consider creating a challenge version of this. Like 30-50 days of survival against waves of ants using your ant formicarium.
If you win you unlock the ability for your queen in your formicarium to wear a crown for cosmetic purposes.
This crown would also be very shiny and adorned with jewels :D