Screenshot Saturday - Nine Shades of Ant

When we'll be change of formicarium, does all of our ants will be in the new ? Or we still got our food ? Because tbh, it will make me sh*t if we are just gonna restart everything -_-


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When colony senior Antastasia Steele (Dakotant Johnson) steps in for her sick broodmate to interview prominent Ereptor queen Christian- wait, no...


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We get food and territory for you're ants, at least I'm pretty sure
You'll get a good amount of royal jelly (based on total resources you end Formicarium tier 2 with) but you'll need to build up your food and territory again. It should happen quite naturally by playing the third tier levels though - and it gives you a chance to try a new nest layout if you like.

Your old formicarium layout is still saved in your save file. In our current beta build we've not implemented a way to return to it yet, but all the data is there and we're hoping to implement that system before the 25th release.