second formicator problem !

after porting to your second home and been rewarded you end up with no food in an new nest.
i did the first challange and found more food on the upper level, but i cant comand the queens ants to get it.
1. no food near the queen at the start
2. no way to gather food on uper level
3. after challange reward no way to collect it.

pleas help me progress.


Staff member
Hi. This is the first I have heard of the issue. You may find you have you home nest group selected which would mean you cannot place a markers, if that is the case select one of the other groups and try placing a marker. Otherwise if you could record a video of this issue I may be able to spot what is wrong.
hello and thanks for the fast reply. thats not the problem. if there would be ants to move and get the food i would do that.
i have 3 queen ants witch i cant control and no food i can gather. the food lands outside the nest and is not accesable as there are no ants to coamnd.


Staff member
The queen ants should start in your nest group (the far left group) is there no icon for them? Just move them into one of the other groups and you should be able to control them. Can you see the queen ants icon?