Sugestion for upgraded ants


Ants are perfect!
I´ve seen in this forum a post about upgrade your ants in levels and the truth is not valueble upgrade ants anless u need the level 3 abillity.
This image show some stats of the ants,Health and attack damage and we can see the diference between level 1, 2, and 3, of the ants and the siference between stats of the level1 and level 2 is not big considering u need to pay the same amount of food to upgrade the tile.
The stats do not need to change.
My suggestion is for level 2 u pay half of the food u need to place the tile and for level 3 u pay the same amount of food to place the tile.
BUT upgrading the ant would increase the food u need to respawn the ant.

Soldier Black ants lv1- 50 to place the tile-5 to hatch
Soldier Black ants lv2- 25 to upgrade - 6 or 7 to hatch
Soldier Black ants lv3- 50 to upgrade - 8 to hatch

Major LC ant lv1-150 to place the tile- 15 to hatch
Major LC ant lv2- 75 to upgrade - 17 or 18 to hatch
Major LC ant lv3-100 to upgrade - 20 to hatch

(the cost for level 3 only change depending of the stats and special abillity)

The main reason why i think in this way is better because lv1 to lv 2 there no such diference soo reducing the cost to upgrad could make upgrade your ants more viable to use in all the levels.
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Great idea. Though I think Lv2 should have x0.5 tile price but x1 hatch price, and Lv3 should have x0.5 tile price but x1.5 hatch price. Lower tile price gives upgrading a little advantage over spamming more ants, like a Lv2 is cheaper than 2 Lv1 but a bit stronger. For now, the Lv3 are strong enough to justifice their higher hatch price (leafcutter can continuously stun/confused lock enemy and wood ants can destroy everything not near them).


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One of the benefits of upgrading ants rather than building more is it is usually going to enable you to save more food from respawns, as each ant that dies is more effective. Increasing the price of the respawn would likely just make upgrading ants less viable.