The Harvest with Level 3 Leafcutters

I have been playing 3.1 for quite some time. After a while of playing, I discovered that an army of level 3 ants is about as efficient as level 1 ants. Combined with increased movement speed and carrying capacity, my harvesting group kept pace and out did the opposition.

I had 19 level 3 workers and 19 level 3 media, as well as 19 level 1 workers in my harvesting group. My 7 level 3 majors protected it and did not harvest anything as they did not get the capacity boost. Eventually after I won, I killed their queen. I wasn't able to kill their queen on hard however, but still won.


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Interesting, I wonder why this is.

Have you tried doing tests in the battle sim to see what fairs better in different scenarios?
Actually, after thinking about it a bit more, the opposing colony doesn't send their whole army, only half. Combine this with the choke points around the nest, you can overwhelm them.

Fun fact: If you starve the colony, it will start sending its attack group to harvest instead.
I was able to kill the other colony by blocking their harvesting routes. But I still had to go in the nest and kill the queen because she can spawn majors as long as she is alive. It did take a few attempts to do this though. I may have gotten distracted the first few times...
After i saw your post i tried to kill the queen in hard, i failed the 1st few attempts and i realised that i needed as few workers as possible while still getting a good harvesting force asap, so i built 20 minors then full media until i got around 70, then i built a few majors to kill big bugs and ennemy ants.
you have to get as much as possible of ennemy farm = you farm only the leaf near your nest to get off a good start and then you focus on farming what ennemy has access to, that leave four 500-600 plants for later when every contested area is cleared and that you will use to stockpile food before attacking them
in the end i had 80 lvl 1 media and 19 majors 7 lvl 3, 2 lvl 2, 10 lvl 1 and 2500 food
i fought them until they ran out of food and i was able to finally clear the obstruated path to the queen, as you can see below it was really close and the last major spawn killed my queen a few mins after i killed their queen.

It made me think that minors are useless in both 3.1 and 3.2 and need a small buff because 1 media is 3 time more efficient for collecting leaves 3 time more costly to respawn and 4 time more costly to build. That initial additionnal cost is worth it relatively fast as they will die a lot less often when a simple jumping spider can kill a few workers before dying even if you have a large army to protect them...
I think building a few workers to start collecting leaves is necessary however after 20 - 30 workers switching to full media seems to be the way to snowball because when you have enough of them you can just put the workers inside the nest without losing too much harvesting force and it stops them draining your food by getting 1 shot by anything.