Unofficial pre sequel to "Empire of the Ants"?

I have been meaning to ask this question for a VERY long time now.
Growing up with lots of games, I have had many curiosities during my childhood. One, which fascinated me a lot was Empire of the Ants.

I wanted to know, since the ant colony in this game seemingly can... take over abilities of ants, they have beaten in a battle of survival..

Is this game supposed to show us, how the very intelligent (thinking like humans) colony of ants came to be? (Even if unofficial?)

The whole idea makes me really excited for what could be to come. Will our colony be freed by the maniac professor? Will there be a campaign to spread into new territories? Or will we be put in a position, where we have to reacquire the "stolen genes" of ants by beating them in their own environment? My designer brain can't stop imagining the kind of game, you are to bring us at the end.

Excuse my hype. I'm just very passionate about ant games, I guess.

In any case, you guys from slug disco rock! I wish, you had a discord channel or some other medium to properly show you my appreciation!

Best regards from a fellow indie dev,

- Martin


Staff member
Hi Martin,

Yea we are constantly thinking about discord. I do use it for playing destiny and finding groups their however I am not a member of other indies discord so maybe I should look into that and see how they use it.

We have plans for how things are going to go in the campaign. It will be conclusive to the story we currently have going but I don't want to give any spoilers. There is so much we want to do with the game, but to polish a game like this takes a long time so we can only do so much.

And yes there will be another 4 missions and 2 more challenges to bring the campaign to its conclusion, though at that point we wont stop developing there, still intend to keep working on the game for a long time yet!